About Us

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Break-Thru represents wholesale merchants of Entertainment, Music, Trend and Lifestyle merchandise.
Our clientele ranges from free standing brick and mortar stores, retail chains to online retailers.

Break-Thru celebrated it’s 35th anniversary in 2018.  Our sales team understands the wholesale aspect of our merchandise.  Our staff combined has over 60+ years experience of working in real retail and online environments.  We understand this business from the ground up.  Our experience and knowledge sets us apart from others.  We recognize the importance of understanding the needs of our clientele and the wants of our clientele’s target customer.  We also serve as merchandisers and store buyers for many retail stores.

Break-Thru represent companies that specialize in T-shirts, Clothing, Head-wear, Jewelry, Accessories, Stickers, Patches, Buttons, Artwork, and Home Decor.

If you have any questions regarding the lines that we represent or would like to place an order thru us, please feel free to call 1-800-621-1249. 
You may also email us at info@breakonthru.com.